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Hi there!

I’m Sara.

My coaching focuses on careers and helping people dismantle their conditioning that places who they really are, their needs and happiness second to the quest for "success" to prove they're "good enough" and feel “safe.” This was my personal story and it led to debilitating illness before I took the time to examine what was motivating me and unpack all the toxic belief systems that had me creating a life that looked good on paper while bulldozing any chance of real fulfillment and happiness.

Now I help people unravel and let go of the identity they have contorted themselves into and held up in the name of survival. I help them come into the embodiment of who they truly are; which is actually the only real way to survive here. And not only survive, but to thrive and experience fulfillment, ease, joy… The life you are seeking is only possible if you’re willing to uncover and honor who you truly are. How can a life in alignment with you be created if you’re not showing up here as you?

So, how did all this start for me?  From being right where you may be right now. I’ve experienced it all (well maybe not everything, but a lot). Feeling lost and not knowing what I wanted to do, to pursuing things I thought were what I wanted, but turned out to be all wrong for me, to ending up in many toxic/dysfunctional workplaces, to starting and pouring my heart into a company and working so hard I lost my passion for it.

Perhaps like you, I got the degrees, followed by the competitive jobs and opportunities and achieved all the stuff. From the outside one could think I was the picture of success, but on the inside I was so unhappy. 

But I just kept going, ignoring all the warning signs that something wasn't quite right

...until I couldn’t anymore. All that stress caught up with me. I got very very sick and my body forced me to really look at what was going on inside. It was a blessing in disguise actually, because it gave me the opportunity to step back and see what was really going on inside me. And with that awareness, I could find my way to a life that honors and gives me the freedom to be who I am, including work that is in alignment with what lights me up!

How did I do this? It’s very hard to walk this path alone. So, I hired and worked with a coach myself and started to examine how I saw the world and take a look at all my ideas about how I had to be

I was able to see my blinds spots, question and examine my fears, and get in touch with that inner voice I had been ignoring for so long. And you know what that felt like? 


But, once I could see more clearly I had to learn an entirely new way of navigating the world and making choices, for the first time doing things because I wanted to, not because I should!

Harder than it seems. It sounds simple and obvious now, but we give so much of our lives over to 'shoulds' and I had gone seriously overboard on it. I had to learn what it feels like to do something out of genuine desire and have that and feeling good be my guide.

Because that’s the goal of all of this, right? Feeling good. Being happy. 

The more I did this the more I experienced an improvement in my health. And the more I create a life aligned with who I truly am and what I genuinely want, the happier and more successful (on my own terms) I am. In work to help my clients to get reconnected with themselves and learn to honor their true desires. That's how we get unstuck and figure all this career stuff out.

Sound interesting? Look here to see how I can help and if my coaching is right for you  

Wanna know even more about me? You can read the longer backstory to how I found my way to coaching here.

As for my professional history

Some people are interested in the professional tid-bits and stuff I did before I found my calling in coaching. Here you go. 

When I think about it, I’ve been really lucky to do a lot of very different things. It’s helps me relate to people from many different perspectives and career experiences.

I grew up in Canada and did my undergraduate work at the University of Toronto. For my Masters degree I went to The London School of Economics in the UK. Most of my education was in international development and economic policy, fascinating stuff I’m still very interested in.

I worked in Europe for the United Nations (UNESCO in Paris and UNFAO in Rome). The bureaucracy was offset by daily lunch overlooking the Eiffel Tower/Colosseum, but not enough to keep me there.

I’ve also worked in government relations. The whole experience was a bit like the HBO show Veep. 

Then there was the time I was as a management consultant at one of the major global consulting firms. This was probably one of the times when I was most off course and that little voice in my head geared up into a full scream. 

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs - an amazing organization paving the way for businesses that save the world. I’ve done the start-up and entrepreneur hustle in two different industries.

At one point I had my sights set on becoming the next Martha Stewart. I made some serious insta worthy cupcakes and baked goodness. In more recent years I ventured into the apparel manufacturing and retail space. Good thing I now know everything about the design and stitching of men’s and women’s underwear. It’s bound to come in handy someday.

Phewph! When I look back, that’s a lot of stuff. But it’s all good because it means I’ve been exposed to a lot of different work situations - from public to private sector, humanitarian to corporate aims, from employee to entrepreneur, from North America to overseas (I even did some work in Africa and Central America). All these experiences have better prepared me to be a coach and help my clients with their own career journey.  

While I bring my own unique style to my coaching I studied Life Coaching under Dr. Martha Beck, Harvard-educated coaching expert of O Magazine and the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Her work speaks to me because I believe we need an approach to our career and life that’s both rational and soulful

Because there’s what your mind says and then what your heart says. There’s logic and then how you feel about it. And both matter.

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