Hi, I'm Sara. I'm a career coach.

I provide one-on-one coaching to help people find happiness in their work. We spend so much of our lives at work so it should feel good and light us up, right?

Are you in a job/career that's making you unhappy (and maybe sick)? Are you at the point where you just can't do it anymore and something needs to change? Even though you're scared?

I work with professionals in early to middle career who are finding themselves stressed out, overwhelmed, and don't know what to do.

I can help you find your way. So you can enjoy your life!

By using guided discussion and unique and powerful tools that help you develop greater self-awareness, become mindful of your thought processes, and access your intuition, you will uncover what you truly want and/or release what's holding you back from fulfillment in your career (and life)! 

You can quickly learn more about me here. 

One-on-One Career Clarity Coaching 

Gain clarity and find your way to work you love!

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"Sara is doing what she's meant to be doing. I really believe that coaching is Sara's calling: she is a great listener and she is so full of life and love. That means she's great at helping me figure out what I'm meant to be doing - so that I can both make the most of my current job, and find what I want to be doing long-term and build a life full of joy and passion." - J.N. - Non-profit consultant - San Francisco