The Path

To be walked with self-love





Become aware of what is really motivating you. Become aware of your conditioning - your past experiences from which you developed limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you. Become aware of your resistance to looking at what’s really going on inside. Become aware that you are not your thoughts, or any of the above going on inside you. You are that which is aware of all this; you are the awareness. Come out of identification with the thoughts. It’s only from the vantage point of awareness that clarity and change is possible.


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See What’s Really True

With awareness of all the thoughts, beliefs, fears etc. that are running through you we can slow down and take a closer look at them. We can ask, “Is what I am thinking really true?” Most of our stressful thoughts - that you aren’t “good enough,” for example - are not true. Once you can see for yourself what is true for you, the “you” that has been living out a life believing these untruths can be unraveled and let go of. Like a caterpillar entering a cocoon. The space for your authentic self to come through is created.



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Step Into You

You are a unique individual with authentic desires - true likes, wants and preferences. From an early age, we have internalized so much instruction from the world about how we “should” be and what we “should” do that many of us have overridden and ignored our authentic self. We’ve become chameleons, feeling it’s unsafe to show our true colors and be who we really are. And over time we’ve innocently lost and come out of touch with our true self. But the life you want is not possible without an embodiment of your authentic self. Let’s get to know him/her, perhaps for the first time. “Hello, sweet one, what do you want? What excites you? What makes you feel alive?”

Honor Your Desires

In this step you begin to move toward what you want. Fear will come up and want you to bail. Your limiting beliefs will still feel very true. You’ll want to rush things to get somewhere and feel safe. Here, awareness of all that will be your best friend. Then, hang out in the feeling of your desires and moment to moment follow your nudges. It will all unfold for you in a way your mind won’t be able to see right away. We work with energy and manifestation. Hold the vision and feel how good this life new life you’re creating is.