Insights and Imaginings

You want clarity? Part of the process is tuning into you.

Here are some things to reflect on for million-dollar insights from the best knowledge source - you.

First, Take The Pressure Off

No skills assessments or personality tests ~ Let’s look deeper and be more precise. You know you best.

No needing to find your “purpose” ~ To have a purpose implies that you exist for something other than yourself. Your life is for you to enjoy, to learn, to grow. And what is in service to you will be in service to the collective. But that’s not your reason for being. Like a flower, your simple existence is enough.

No needing to find your “passion” ~ If this word stresses you, let it go. Just work on finding what you currently enjoy.

You are always evolving ~ You are a growing and ever evolving human. So, naturally over time, desires change. See how whatever you do next will likely evolve - and that’s a good thing. No need to come at this trying to find what you will do for the rest of your life. The work is in becoming attuned to your desires and following them as they evolve. Embrace the fluidity and aliveness of you.

Then, Ask Yourself

  • If I could do anything - no limits financially and I could not fail - what would I do?

  • What matters to you? If you want to do something that feels meaningful to you, what personally holds meaning and importance to you?

  • What is your definition of success? Drop what others prescribe. What do you really want for your life?

  • What comes naturally and effortlessly to you? What could you do effortlessly for hours?

  • What do others seek you out for or see as your gifts?

  • What do you enjoy doing? What excites you?

Finding Clarity On What You Enjoy

What if you’re not sure what you enjoy? That’s ok. I was there at one point too. Try this to become more acquainted with your unique likes, dislikes, and preferences.

For the next few weeks keep a journal of all things that you like or that spark enjoyment for you. Observe yourself like a researcher gathering data points. While you’re doing this don’t worry about how all the data will fit together and point to a possible career path. Just note what kind of entertainment, topics of conversation, reading material, forms of movement, kinds of people, and anything else you really like.

The results of your research might show an obvious pattern or spark ideas. If not, go a layer deeper. Ask yourself, why do I like each of these things? What does it do for me? This can illuminate the underlying desire, what you are drawn to, and provide more insights.

Gentle reminder:

Clarity takes time. Insights come at unexpected moments. As much as you can, don’t stress this.