Helpful People

My unique style and approach to coaching is a culmination of my lived experience going through transformation. Along my journey I looked for others who could help me. I had to sift through a lot of stuff that didn’t work and wasn’t helpful. Below are some of the people I did find to have very effective teachings and tools. I incorporate many of their tools in my coaching.

This is not about picking up new beliefs or theories though; that’s not what I’m offering or those below offer (so no need to click on these links to see what kind of a cult I’m in. haha)

This is about coming into awareness of and dropping all the beliefs and theories. Put it all down. What’s left? What's left is what's actually true. The tricky part is that what's true does not come from the mind. It can't really go there. So, your mind may not understand it; yet you’ll need no convincing. It will feel true, like a yes from your body, like an exhale. That’s what we follow.

Kiran Trace

I carry her book “Tools for Sanity” around in my bag almost always. I’ve done all her classes and meditations. I love, love, love and recommend it all. That’s why she’s top on this list. Her teachings are very clear, practical and accessible.

Byron Katie

Who would you be without your story? Byron Katie has developed a beautiful process of inquiry. Once we are in awareness of our thoughts, inquiry is a way to examine them and find our truth.

Martha Beck

I found Martha when I was at my lowest. Her books, especially Finding Your Own North Star, were a solace and guiding light. They initiated some of my first internal shifts. I completed her life coach training program because I loved her work so much.