One-on-One Career Clarity Coaching

Help! I’m stressed, overwhelmed and this isn’t sustainable!

Are you at the point in your job/career where you just can't do it anymore and something needs to change?

I work with people who are unhappy in their jobs/careers. They’re are stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted (and maybe even getting sick from all the stress). They know they need to do something to change their situation.

But they don’t know how

Because they don’t know what they want

They feel like they don't have options. Or haven’t a clue what they would do instead - what kind of work would actually be fun and enjoyable. Or sometimes they have a vague idea, but are unsure about it all.

There’s a lot of confusion and 'I don’t knows'.

They’re conflicted, frustrated, disappointed asking, “Is this all there is? I worked so hard to get here, but it’s not what I thought it would be.” They’re wondering how to get from where they're at now to a life they enjoy.

They’re scared. But ready to explore making changes anyway. Because what are the options, really? This situation just isn’t sustainable.

If you’re thinking “Yes, this is me!” you’re in the right place.

This is one-on-one career coaching for you to:

Get clarity on what's going on inside of you and what you want 

Start taking steps towards change 

Get a handle on your stress

You'll Love This If...

You're tired of trying to figure this out by yourself and want someone to help you sort through all the stress and confusion.

The advice from your friends, family, books, etc. isn't cutting it. You want a 3rd party you can be fully open with and a partner who'll help you navigate all this stuff free from judgment.

You want someone to help you get out of the narrow thinking you tend to have when you think about your options or how to approach things. You know there's got to be a way for you to get out of this situation, but you're not sure how to get there.

You're open to learning about yourself. You're ok with me 'going there', asking the tough questions, pointing out where your thinking might be flawed - in a compassionate way, of course.

You're ready to look at this stuff and start making some changes (even just baby steps).


But, This Isn't For You If...

You want me to tell you what to do. I'll help remove the internal obstacles for you to uncover for yourself what YOU want to do. 

You're not willing to talk about how you feel and be really honest with yourself (and me) about what's going on. This is the linchpin. The more you're willing to open up the easier it will be for us to work together and for you to find your way.  

You want personality or career assessments. There are some pretty cool ones out there that can give insight, but for our time together we're going to put them aside.

You're wanting help with your resume, job applications or interview prep. I don't do these things. My coaching is focused on helping you find clarity on your career direction, what's causing you stress and/or stopping you from moving forward. Resumes and the job search stuff come after you have this clarity. And there are other amazing people who can help you with them. However, if resumes, job applications, and interviews stress you out I'm happy to coach you through that.  

Why You'll Feel Good

You'll have more clarity on what you want to do to change your situation and the courage to finally take some action. You have endured this for far too long already. It’s time to get unstuck.

You'll gain greater perspective on the process of embarking on something new (if that's what you decide to do).

We’ll explore that small inner voice that’s been feeding you information all along. It's there, although you may not know it. You’ll finally get a chance to look at what it’s telling you.

You'll see more possibilities and options for next steps and the way forward. Things are not as black and white as they might appear. 

You’ll find your way back to feeling like yourself and enjoying your life again. Or discover what you really enjoy for the first time (Yay!)

You'll Be Able To

See that you actually know a lot more about yourself and what you want than you think you do. You just have to learn to access your wisdom.

Understand why you’re so confused and feeling stuck and learn some tools to cut through the confusion and inner conflict. 

Get a handle on your fears and anxiety. You’ll understand where they’re coming from and how to deal with them.

Feel like it’ll all be ok and actually know it and feel it instead of just words you say to yourself to get a grip. 

Have the life that you want. We’ll uncover what’s between you and happiness.

So, How Does This All Work? 

It's you and me. One on one. Digging deep. Finding clarity.

We’ll chat on the phone every two weeks for three months. That’s six one-hour sessions over three months dedicated to you making the changes you want!

For some, this will be enough to get the ball rolling and you may feel comfortable taking things on your own from there. For others, we can continue our work together through your next steps for as long as you find it serving you.

When we speak I'll listen to exactly what you're saying and use laser-focused questions and discussion to help you build a greater understanding of where are and where you want to go in your career and life.

I'll help you see your blind spots, question your logic and help you gain more awareness of any tricks your mind is playing on you.

You’ll also get to lay out all your fears, take a good look at them and learn how to move through them. Wouldn’t it be great to get a handle on some of those fears you carry around all day?

This is all about you and 100% custom tailored to you and your unique situation. I don't have a cookie-cutter program I'm just putting you through. Every person has different needs and I’ll meet you where you're at.   

Ready For Change? 

If this page has you thinking “Hell, Yes! Finally, someone who gets me and can help!” here’s what to do next:

  1. Click the link below to purchase the coaching package for $1,500 USD

  2. Once you have paid, you will receive an email within 24hrs with a client agreement and we can schedule your first session. Yay!

My Integrity Refund Policy: If after you've purchased you decide you're not the right fit for this coaching, refunds on remaining unused sessions of a package will be granted. Pretty low-risk. Nice, huh?             

Or maybe you're not quite ready to get started?

Have a question? or just want to learn more? No problem. I'm happy to chat. We can jump on the phone to discuss.