One Way To Get Some Clarity On What You Want

Ok so I know this could sound a little nutty and there was definitely a time when I would give some major eye rolls to what I’m about to say, but this totally does work. I found out the hard way when I had nothing to lose but try it out.

When it comes to our careers we can feel lost and confused and stuck. It’s not easy finding our way. There’s too much mental chatter. Too much stress and our nervous system is overloaded. You don’t know what you want or can’t decide what to do. Ultimately, I believe you do have the answers and they're inside you, you just have to get in touch with that part of you that can show you the way, your intuition. The problem is that your intuition can be like a faint whisper and you need to calm the f**k down to be able to hear it. There are many ways to do that, and this is just one of them, but it’s a favorite of mine and can be pretty fun. 

Here’s what you do. Ready? Give yourself what you want. Take a day (maybe a Saturday or Sunday) or even just a few hours one evening and tell yourself you won’t do a single thing until you have a genuine desire to do it - you genuinely want to do it. Watch your mind because it may try to trick you into doing something from a place of should or fear. That’s the place we operate from most of the time. For this experiment we want to get in touch with the part of you that moves you into action from genuine desire, for the joy and pleasure of doing it. No other reason.

Sounds fun, right? It can be. It can be super fun (and healing) to just moment to moment give yourself whatever you feel like you need. Full disclosure though - it can also be very challenging. We’ve been taught to live by our to-do list and to constantly be engaged in activities. Often this need to be constantly doing can come from a place of wanting to distract and not look at our feelings. So don’t be surprised if some interesting, and yes potentially uncomfortable, things come up for you. It’s ok. That part of the process. Those things coming up need to be processed for you to find clarity, to stop the running from what's really going on for you. If this happens, just continue to give yourself what you need. A bath, a nap, a chocolate bar, a walk, a hug or cuddle with your cat/dog, an impromptu dance party, a good scream, a cry or none of the above. Just go with how you feel.

I’ll admit I had a hard time doing it at the start - like how is sitting in bed eating peanut butter from the jar at 2pm helping me? Like WTF. But then, as I continued to do this experiment over a series of different days and get more into it, the magic started to unfold. I started to be able to sort out what’s me and what’s not, what I want and what I don’t, and more importantly, what each feels like. What it feels like to want something. What genuine desire feels like. That feeling is from your intuition, not your mind with all of its persuasion and logic. I’m not saying your mind is bad, just that your intuition can be a better source of information about you and what you want. It has the pulse on how you really feel and some answers for your next steps forward.

So, if this sounds interesting to you I’d encourage you to try it out. Could be fun. You could learn about yourself. You could have a breakthrough. You just never know until you try.